A 12-Week Journey to Your Infinite Self


Get out of the life you're not in love with & into the life you actually want to be living


From limited to LIMITLESS...

Your Infinite Self is a 12-week program designed to help you realize you are limitless. I’ll be your guide through 8 lessons based on my book, The Now-ist, which will help you get beyond your current state of being and help catapult you into a new paradigm.

Each week for the 12 weeks we will meet for 90 minutes on Zoom for our one-on-one coaching sessions to dive into this material and help you repattern yourself. 

Why I created this program...

I intuitively created this program for a friend of mine that I thought I could help with her emotional and physical health problems. I wanted to help her get out of the pain she was feeling. She was struggling with: 

  • Problems with food
  • Reliving the past
  • Multiple health issues
  • Trauma in relationships living in a rear view mirror
  • Poor habits that were keeping her stuck in scarcity and lack
  • Negative body image 
  • Telling herself the same old story keeping her stuck in the cycle of shame

The program encompasses everything I’ve learned and have taught in all my teachings. I culminated all of it into a process to take her through. 

She went from hurting for relationships, in her finances and essentially withering away into a healthy relationship, making money and at a healthy weight for the first time in a long time. 

To be honest, at first I simply met her where she was with no formal plan, but over time I’ve taken more people through the process I organically created and started to replicate it and repeat it with many other people. 

After realizing I was onto something special with this, I was guided to formally start this coaching program based on what was on my heart to help people get out of their struggles and pain by changing their mindset. 

I want to help make a difference in people’s lives and to connect with others in a way that helps them to see beyond their self-imposed limitations. 

I help people get out of stress, anxiety, worry and fear and into their divine possibilities. This program will help you to become more present in your life and open to new potential that exist beyond your current perceived reality.


Do you know deep down in your soul that you need more peace, connection & purpose in your life?

Let me ask you a few more questions...

  • Do you find yourself trying to control every aspect of your life or getting upset when things don’t go exactly as you want?

  • Are you are easily offended or finding yourself upset by little things often?

  • Do you catch yourself self-sabotaging good things that come your way and wondering why you can’t hold on to things?

  • Are your finances are in bad shape?

  • Do you tend to talk yourself out opportunities or feel unworthy or unheard most of the time?

  • Are you pushing people away but wondering why you are always alone?

  • Are you wondering why you never seem to measure up to your ideas and dreams? Why doesn’t it ever show up?

  • Do you feel like you are working hard, doing the classes, reading the books, but you still seem to stay stuck?

  • Do you feel disappointed all the time and almost mad at yourself for your life not being what you thought it would be?

  • Are you are looking at everyone else who is doing what you want to do and becoming jealous, comparing yourself or telling yourself you could never get there?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may not realize it, but you are likely living out of the beliefs you created long ago that are no longer true.

I know this because I was once here too…

Hi, I'm Billy Mandarino

I want to share with you key secrets to experiencing a paradigm shift that will transport your ideal future to you NOW! 

You don't have to wait, your future never really arrives, we either shift into our ideal moment NOW, or we continue to live a concept, not a NOW-IST reality.

My journey took me through all the stages of living distracted, focused on some imaginary future, feeling the stresses of never quite arriving, and living with frustrations, but then it all changed. 

I became aware of the parallel paradigms of Divine Time and temporal Chronological Time. It was this shift in understanding and awareness that liberated me, and allowed me to live in this present moment with fullness. 

It was truly an awareness that delivered me from the shackles of common linear experience, to intersect my humanity with the eternal Divine Time. 

I learned to breathe, meditate and center myself at this intersection and rest, all while living my normal day to day life. 

I walked the same streets, but everything was different. 

The transformation this shift made in my life was nothing short of miraculous, and I want to share with you how to take this journey. 

I want to shorten the curve, compress chronological time and help you begin to live in Divine Time, the ever-present NOW that delivers us from the stress and frustrations within the illusions of linear time. 

My journey was and is philosophical, spiritual, scientific and metaphysical.  Anything of truth is revealed in the totality of the creation, and if you take this journey with me, I promise to walk along with you, helping you take leaps forward, skipping over the rocks and valleys, and together we will find this miracle in you.

Most people who begin on this journey are...

Afraid of being different from others

Afraid of what other people will think of them

Afraid of the unknown

Have the “who am I to be great” complex

Don't know how to live without stress and struggle

These fears manifest into things like making bad decisions over and over or living out of beliefs that are not their own....

"Money doesn’t grow on trees"  

"It’s too hard to change"

"I’ve always been this way"

"I’ve always been like my mom" (or fill in the blank

"I’m not smart enough"

"I’m not the pretty one"

The truth is your fears have to die for you to change

In order to change you have to become aware of the stories and beliefs you are telling yourself that are running your life.

You have to take a look at your behaviors and patterns to see what is not supporting what you really want.

You must see that your choices are being made by your habits.

You must start making new choices if you want something. 

Your Infinite Self Includes

Weekly Zoom Calls


Inquiry Work




Each week you will be given a series of questions to answer. You will turn in your sheet two days before the session. 

“The teacher and the taught create the teaching.”

Via our Zoom connection, I will be a conduit of truth and revelation to your Infinite Self. Remember I AM not your Guru. I AM is the name of God. 

You are the I AM that I AM. 

After the sessions, I will forward the notes from our lesson along with the recording (if you choose this option).

Each week will build on the next unit you find yourself surrounded in infinite surrender and present moment awareness. This will open your Life to a NEW WORLD!  “When you have everything you need, you get everything you want.”~THE NOW-IST

What is a NOW-IST & How Will it Transform You?


From Confusion To Clarity In The Blink Of An Eye


You are a Now-ist when you enter Divine Time, and live in this moment fully-surrendered, releasing attachments to chronological time. It is a place of peace, fulfillment, awareness and spiritual joy. Learning to transition from the habitual horizontal time, to the vertical expression of time will liberate you. My new book The NOW-IST and my courses will help you create these miraculous moments. You will begin to train yourself to go deeper & more often into the NOW-IST life & you will never regret it.  

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Client Testimonials

Kristin Renee

Billy has such a true passion and knowledge to help others get out of stress by teaching them how to live in the present moment. When we started the training, I had so much negative subconscious programming, that I didn’t even know was there. I had limited beliefs, fears and a page full of health related symptoms…. caused by stress! NOW, with my new daily habits, my words, my thoughts and my health symptoms have greatly improved. Even my loved ones around me have noticed the transformation in me! Many of the concepts that Billy teaches, were new to me, so he patiently walked me through each one. We built the foundation needed for me to have the tools I needed to continue healing, transforming and living in the NOW!  

Miko Lau

From the very beginning, Billy has been an extremely generous, unconditionally loving, and supportive being. I was actually undergoing a difficult heartbreak and within a 60 minute conversation with him, I was able to feel an immediate "lift" out of the "darkhole" I was in. He supported me into understanding and feeling the power of living in the NOW and not allowing the past to "bleed" into my precious present moment. The tools and insight he shared with me and my audience in that short interview completely changed my life. He continued to offer me so much unconditional support in my journey of shifting from DOING to BEING and living in the NOW. I don't know where I would be right now mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally if it wasn't for Billy's powerful mentorship.

Sabrina Torkan

Billy Mandarino is one of the kindest souls I have ever known. He is very easy to talk to and open up to. I had the pleasure of meeting with him on Zoom Calls at the start of the quarantine due to COVID, and I have to say the timing couldn't have been any better. Billy's guidance helped me develop new habits, and although consistency has always been a challenge for me, I'm happy to say that I've been able to stick with them. My biggest take away? Checking in with my body during the day, stopping, breathing and grounding myself when necessary. The one minute NOW-IST meditation is a great tool to have for those moments when the stress level spikes, so quick and easy to do and effectively connects you to the present moment. 

Your Coach

Billy Mandarino is an author, course-writer and professional speaker with a message.  His journey from Washington as a top track athlete to the magical town of Santa Barbara, California was integral in his personal transformation. 

His calling as a teacher and speaker was the result of an amazing series of synchronistic events set off by an unlikely experience he had on a golf course in Santa Barbara.  Knocked unconscious, not once, but twice he had a mystical experience, the "Satori"or flash of enlightenment that set off a series of seemingly inocuous but in hindsight connected and meaningful events leading to his new mission in life, sharing the awareness and knowledge he gained with others.  A gifted speaker and writer, Billy continues to build his rapidly growing network of students, readers, listeners and seekers.  

Billy fell in love with his Wife and Santa Barbara simultaneously and they live there now with their daughter. He remains a golfer, albeit a very cautious one.

Let's go on the journey together to finding Your Infinite Self

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