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is the time to step into your power & transform your life!


Two empowering days with Billy Mandarino will show you EXACTLY HOW to master the present moment, your self-talk, success strategies, and people-skills to take your life and relationships to the next level.


This event will teach you how to use your Present Moment Awareness, along with your imagination and generously giving, to create massive abundance in your life.

THE NOW-IST EXPERIENCE LIVE is a 2-day advanced personal and spiritual development seminar, for people that want to live an extraordinary life.

LIVE music from Billy’s band In The Present Tense!

You will experience the sonic fusion of spiritual teaching, via songs written by Billy and Kirstin Candy, specifically for this event.

We are all living in unprecedented times. Challenges of the likes we have never seen before.

It takes a FRESH and new approach to not just survive through this transition but THRIVE in it!

You need to re-energize your body, mind, and spirit. Using your focused awareness to serve those in need.

To be there for your family and friends, so you can become a better role model and leader.

Serving you in the process is Billy’s Mission. Creating a Legion of NOW-ISTs. Supporting the heart driven souls that will shift this planet.

That’s why he created this transformational FIRST EVER event for you called THE NOW-IST EXPERIENCE LIVE!

  • To figure out your purpose
  • To develop your people skills
  • To build unstoppable confidence
  • To TRANSFORM your life, relationships, and career FOREVER.

This is about investing in yourself and stepping into your personal power.


If you need to dramatically improve your health, mind set, career, and presence, then this is the must-attend event of the year!

This is the transformational experience you need to become EXTRAORDINARY!

Day #1: Who Am I... From Silence to Sounds! The core of your being and access to your highest self

  • How to generate presence via connection to the oneness.

Before you can accept God, you must accept yourself. Which is even more frightening. The first steps in self-acceptance are not at all pleasant, for what one sees is not a happy sight. One needs all the courage to go further. What helps is silence. Look at yourself in total silence; do not describe yourself. Look at the being you believe you are and remember- you are not what you see. ‘This I am not- what am I’ is the movement of self-inquiry. There are no other means to liberation; all else mean delay. Resolutely reject what you are not until real Self emerges in glorious nothingness, it's not a thingness.” ~ Nisargadatta

  • NOW... WON ~ Learning the power of words and transformations in your “Head Voice”. Dr. Emoto’s work and Cymatic energy produced by the voice.
  • You’ll learn the floating exercise which leads into THE NOW-IST Meditation.
  • Experience breathing in to your heart for the very first time! You will find that cleaning and clearing that negative energy out of your body and mind is as simple as 1,2,3,4.
  • You will feel that Gratitude is the Best Multiplier.

Day #2: The Power of Your Imagination! No Goals just Soul. Synchronistic Thinking with child-like bewilderment and Paying it Forward. P.I.F!

  • You’ll learn how to think from the end instead of about the end. Imaginal action exercise will change the way you set goals forever.
  • The Art of Attracting Your Future NOW! Learn how to become a Conscious Conductor.
  • P.I.F. packs and how to jump start being of service to a world in need.
  • On Vitality, you’ll learn about living in a Body of Oneness via advanced physiological and stunningly effective well-being strategies, meditation, exercise routines and recovery tools.
  • You’ll master the ability to generate energy, fight off fatigue, reduce stress, increase mental focus, and light up your longevity.
  • Discover the science behind the old world of thinking verses the new world of thinking.
  • Finally, enter the N.E.S.T. The NOW-IST, Essential Strength, Training.


Billy Mandarino is an author, speaker, husband, father and real estate agent living in Santa Barbara with his wonderful wife, Desa Marie, and their incredible daughter, Gianna. Billy claims that he fell in love with his wife and Santa Barbara simultaneously. This is the magical city that brought them together more than twenty five years ago, which is no coincidence to it being the home of The Now-ist Experience Live.

The inspiration and truth Billy Mandarino presents in his book, The Now-ist, is a life changing creation. Not only for the author, but more importantly, the readers and souls he serves. With a spiritual hunger that is never quenched, Billy dives deep into the essence of us all. He takes the common place and makes it “real.”

Growing up in a five-sibling, multiple-divorces family, with all its dynamic layers and change, initially shaped Billy’s spirituality. Transformed by various religious practices and study throughout his life, he has recognized, via life experience, the treasures that reside within him waiting to be discovered. In his book titled “The Now-ist: Finding the Signs to Your Ultimate Desires in No Time” Mandarino shows how, through feeling and imagination, one can find the way back to one’s true self and a fulfilled life.

Billy uses personal experiences and real-life stories of inspiration and unlikely outcomes to help people discover key realizations in oneself. The teachings apply to all areas of life, including emotional, social, physical, financial and spiritual. 

“The era of ‘doing’ to ‘be’ is passing away. Spiritual seekers of all faiths and walks of life focus on that next new revelation,” Mandarino says. “This teaching shows the participant that the power to change one’s life is ‘closer than near, and sooner than now.’ The seeking is a journey that points us back to that treasured place inside.”

Billy has a presence that is felt in his writing and penetrates even deeper in person. Most of his life, people are drawn to him for advice and direction in all areas of life. He is incessantly of service to others and has recognized that the inspiration to teach The Now-ist principle are his highest calling. He feels uniquely blessed to share his light with millions around the globe.

What's It Like Working with Billy??

I’d like to share a few words about the NOW-IST one-on-one coaching. I should start by saying that Billy Mandarino is one of the kindest souls I have ever known. He is very easy to talk to and open up to. I had the pleasure of meeting with him on Zoom Calls at the start of the quarantine due to COVID, and I have to say the timing couldn’t have been any better.

Billy’s guidance helped me develop new habits, and although consistency has always been a challenge for me, I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to stick with them. Starting my day with gratitude helps put everything in perspective and my daily meditations have started changing my life for the better.

My biggest take away? Checking in with my body during the day, stopping, breathing and grounding myself when necessary. The one minute NOW-IST meditation is a great tool to have for those moments when the stress level spikes, so quick and easy to do and effectively connects you to the present moment.

Billy, it has been an honor working with you. As you always say, “one new habit can build on the next, and before you know it your life is transformed.”

I am in the process of transforming my life, and forever grateful.

-Sabrina Torkan, Now-ist Coaching Client

"I just completed Billy’s, The Now-ist Experience, One-on-one 9 week course and I am totally blown away! Billy has such a true passion and knowledge to help others get out of stress by teaching them how to live in the present moment. 

When we started the training, I had so much negative subconscious programming that I didn’t even know was there. I had limited beliefs, fears and a page full of health related symptoms…. caused by stress! NOW, with my new daily habits, my words, my thoughts and my health symptoms have greatly improved. Even my loved ones around me have noticed the transformation in me! 

Many of the concepts that Billy teaches, were new to me, so he patiently walked me through each one. We built the foundation needed for me to have the tools I needed to continue healing, transforming and living in the NOW! 

Billy most definitely lives what he teaches, and what better teacher to learn from, than one who has already experienced and lived it!  He believed in me SO much that I knew I couldn’t fail!! 

-Kristin Renee, Now-ist Experience Course graduate

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