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Create habits that will keep you in the present moment and out of stress. 

If you are feeling stressed and anxious and you want to feel calm, present and peaceful, then this easy-to-read book will teach you the 7 habits that will help you live your best life. 

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The Symbol

The cross is the central image of the Now-ist symbol. Traditionally, it is used as a reminder, that Jesus died on the cross for all of us. I am inspired to express the power of this symbol, as it displays the omniscient Now. Notice, how a cross is made of one line that is vertical and the other is horizontal. Consider that the vertical line represents a line going straight up to heaven, a representation of divine time. The horizontal line is a “time-line” of ordinary or chronological time. The moment these two lines intersect is where I would like your awareness and attention to go Now. When you take divine time and cross it with chronological time that is the Now! For example, you could be going throughout your day, a full schedule of appointments in time and have no awareness of the present moment. When you stop and breathe, in a meditative or prayerful manner, surrendering to the moment, you have entered the divine time. You have in effect, crossed your linear time with divine time and entered the Now. As you become aware of this inspiring truth about the cross, look at the Now-ist symbol again. You can clearly see that the center of the symbol has a bright light in it. This is where I imagine the crossing of divine and chronological time, creating an explosion of light sign, renders symbolic awareness to this revealed truth. This point of intersection is the catalyst for the symbol’s transforming awareness. It is there to remind us all, through its design, shape, and form- “I am the light of the world.” Pay very close attention to the symbol as a whole. You can now look at the Now-ist symbol and see this image, as it omnipotently expresses its secret.

This is my spiritual memoir...

It is my great honor to share it with you and the world and I know that you are going to love reading it as much as I loved writing it for you. Get your copy today by clicking the button on this page. 

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