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In this FREE Mini-Course you'll discover how to:

  • Cut Your Doubt With The Sharpest Knife with a technique to transform your doubts and help you find freedom from worry. I'll teach you how to redirect your thoughts to create what you truly desire.
  • Understand Relationships & Why They Can Be So Hard where I'll discuss the idea of Relation-SHIP and why some ships sink or sail with a powerful method to help you with forgiveness and overcoming the fear of abandonment.
  • Use The Now-ist Meditation to help you quickly come back to the present moment, tap into your best self and get into the Now, where fear cannot exist. This is a one minute meditation with mantras to help you recenter at any given moment.

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What would life be like if you were able to bust through your fears and find freedom from doubt?

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Learn From Billy Mandarino

Author, Speaker & Now-ist who has helped people all over the world become more present and live a life of abundance using his unique methods for teaching others how to become a Now-ist.


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